More and more people like camellia oil

Camellia oil have low fat, good taste, easy to digest.

Crude camellia oil refers to the origin of the traditional indigenous methods to extract only after a simple filtering process tea seed oil.

Indigenous virgin tea oil mainly primary crushing by family workshops. In production process, just by the simple process of drying, crushing, pressing, filtration, etc., so squeezing out tea seed oil contains more impurities, just semi-finished or “crude oil.”

While oil press through advanced technology processing crude oil, then after cleaning, deacidification, deodorizing, degreasing and a series of strict procedures refining complex produced by the tea before they call “refined tea oil,” camellia oil after refining is better, save the tea itself rich nutritional value and trace elements.


Introduction of edible camellia seed oil

Camellia is a unique species of oil, camellia seed oil is extracted from the “fruit tea”, the rich in natural antioxidants vitamin D and vitamin E, can effectively complement the human body needs nutrients, remove harmful ingredients, delay cell aging, to maintain cell viability. With low linolenic acid content, making tea seed oil stability, easy to store, easy to rancidity deterioration.

Camellia oil in the case without heating can be directly used for a variety of cold meat, vegetables, and taste good, relatively light. In addition, baking, soup or steamed, adding a teaspoon of tea seed oil, can make food more delicious fragrance.

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