Note the use of edible oil

When buying oil, to see the date of manufacture, try to buy the production date close, because the oil in the storage process will be slow oxidation.

After bought vats of oil, poured oiler them, and then immediately put the lid twist reality. Do not directly put to use when cooking for each barrel of oil, which means that every day a lot of new oxygen into oil drums.

Oiler in the amount of stored oil should be eaten within a week. Buy the best that can be screwed on the lid or a lid oiler oil bottle, do not put oil on the open mouth of the container.

Oil must be placed in a dark, cool place, do not let them be affected by sunlight and high temperatures.

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In the purchase of oil, we should pay attention to three aspects

First, the recognition from the senses. Color: high quality oil generally are light in color, low-quality oil color depth. Different varieties of oil color shades are slightly different; Transparency: oil transparency is high, less water impurities, texture it is more excellent. High-quality vegetable oil was allowed to stand for 24 hours, it should be clear and transparent, not cloudy, no precipitation, no suspensions. In addition, the taste of normal cooking oil should not be a pungent odor.

Second, it is to identify the trademark from the edible oil logo. Note the shelf life and production date. No name and address, no contact, no quality standards, no QS quality safety signs, do not buy. At the same time, depending on grade. National standards for edible oil, edible oil by mass is divided into one, two, three, four grades, the higher the level, the higher the degree of refined, highly degree refined oil can be assured. Moreover, the national standards, the need for oil product labels whether to add artificial antioxidants be clearly identified, and indicate whether to use genetically modified raw materials and raw materials producing area.

In addition, it must consider nutritional value of edible oil. Pure peanut oil contains a high vitamin E, can help regulate the body’s metabolism, delaying cell aging, help protect cardiovascular health.


Do not cook in high-temperature

“Oil” is that people will eat every day, so its science use is essential to human health, if used improperly, over time and may even cause cancer.

Many people like cooking stir in a high temperature, accustomed to smoke before cooking oil, this approach is unscientific. High-temperature oil will not only destroy the nutritional content of food, but also produce some peroxide and carcinogenic substances. The proposed first pot hot, then pour the oil, you can stir-fry, do not wait until the oil smoke.


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Adverse effects on human health by eating too much animal oil

First, increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

Second, the brain damage, including closer relations with dementia.

Third, with certain types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer, the incidence of breast cancer related.

Fourth, it can reduce the response to insulin, so that may increase the risk of diabetes.

Fifth, it can promote the formation of oxygen free radicals, speed up the body to produce oxygen free radicals, and is caused by too much oxygen free radicals many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, an important reason for some cancers, premature aging, decreased immunity.

So, rich in saturated fats and meat animal oil, you must limit control. Experts believe that the daily calories from saturated fat should be less than 10% of total body heat.

edible oil health

Processed soybean oil have four levels

Level one and two soybean oil are yellowish or colorless, clear and transparent.

Level three and four soybean oil is yellow or brown, but having the smell and taste of soy itself, that is, we often say that the bean flavor.

Soybean oil has a discoloration process, so that the level three and four soybean oil have deeper color.

As the process complex, with the same brand soybean oil level one and two are more expensive than level three or four.

No matter which level of oil, as long as they meet national standards, they are healthy.

Although level one and tow oil with high refining degree, they lost a lot of nutrients, such as soybean oil carotene which will be lost in the process of discoloration.

Level three and four edible oil have higher levels of impurities, but also retained some carotenoids and other nutrients beneficial to human body composition.

Thus, according to the individual needs of different, choose different levels of cooking oil.

How to choose good edible oil?

1. Look transparency, pure vegetable oil was transparent, if mixed with alkali grease, wax and other things, transparency will decline; see color, peanut oil is light yellow or orange; yellow soybean oil, rapeseed oil in a little green or yellow golden yellow; salad oil mostly light colored better.

2. Each oil has its own unique smell. You can drop one or two drops of oil on the palm, rub hands together, carefully smell the odor fever. Smelly probably is “waste oil.”

3. Use chopsticks to take a drop of oil, carefully taste its flavor. Oil with a sour taste is substandard products, coke bitter oil rancidity has occurred, the oil with peculiar smell may be “waste oil.”

4. Take one or two drops at the bottom of the oil, coated on the flammable paper, lit and listen to its sound. No sound is normal qualified products; combustion is not normal with a “creak” sound, excessive moisture, is substandard products; explosions burning oil showed the water content seriously overweight, and may is adulterated product, absolutely can not be bought.

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Why would edible oil be frozen in the winter?

Grease is a combination of fatty acids and glycerol, triglyceride. Triglycerides will produce crystals at low temperatures, the liquid oil into solid fat.

Edible oil at a certain temperature clear and transparent liquid gradually becomes dim, appeared precipitates was solid-liquid mixing state, and finally turned completely solid state, the popular theory called freezing (like water freezing phenomenon).

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